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3 - Prince of Hell

Alice's guardian and demon has stayed beside her, fighting for Alice's choices.
Sometimes, the guardian wins, sometimes the devil.
"So where's Seth?" Alice thought dryly. Her class just finished, and she was on her way to the school's cafeteria to meet her friends.
"Demons can be really stupid." The angel laughed.
Alice walked to the cafeteria. She went to the usual place where she'll meet her friends. She decided to buy some pizza on the way. The angel followed discreetly, gliding beside Alice.
"So you like pizza?" A very handsome guy stood beside Alice. He flipped his jet black hair, his silver eyes reflecting the light. "Wow, you're pretty."
"Shut up, Seth." Alice thought, monotonous. She picked up a bottle of hot sauce.
"I'm Jay by the way." The handsome guy stretched out his hand. Alice looked up at him, he was at least 5'9" tall.
"Shut up...Seth." Alice began. She wasn't thinking her words this time. The angel only snickered.
"How the hell did you know?" The demon rested his elbow on the counter and crossed his legs.
"What part of her being a watcher don't you understand?" The angel rhetorically asked. "Possessing a child's body? Where is his guardian?"
"Jay." Alice laughed. "So gay."
The demon frowned at Alice's comment. "His guardian is like you. So he went down in a blip."
The angel charged at the demon, who only held out a hand, signaling it to stop. The angel did stop.
"You know you can't defeat me weakling." Seth laughed.
Alice looked intrigued. "I wonder why they sent a stupid Prince to lead me astray." She got her pizza and walked towards the usual place.
"Because you're a watcher, maybe." The angel pursed his lips. "Watchers are very... hard to deal with."
"You must be tired of me then, Klaus." Alice saw that her friends are already there. She stopped for a bit to have time to talk to her guardian who was seemingly hovering to her right. Seth however was standing on the other side with his new body.
"No, being able to guard a watcher is the greatest thing that happened." Klaus smiled.
"Makes you feel proud eh, loser?" Seth gawked. "What's so cool about a watcher, besides her being able to see us?"
"I don't even want to ask, why you didn't know this, demon." Klaus rolled his eyes. "You're stupidity might lead to good things."
The demon and the angel fought verbally as Alice ignored it. It was always like that. They kept on bickering each other from the day of their first encounter. Alice has grown tired of childish acts. Even so, she loved being with both good and evil.
Alice saw her friends and waved at them. They waved back. She sat beside one of them.Seth took a chair and sat beside Alice. The girls only giggled.
"Well?" One of her friends asked. All of them were looking at Seth.
"Well what?" Alice looked at them strangely, only to realize that they were all staring at Seth. "Oh, right! You can see him."
"Impudent child." Seth whispered.
"This is Seth." She said dryly. The girls all said 'hi' in different tones. "Lea, Anne, Lisa and Jane."
Seth slightly bowed. "Nice to meet you." He smiled. Alice thought all her friends' knees had weakened.
After lunch all her friends had either a project or class that they have to attend to. Alice waved at them and left.
"This body's name is Jay." Seth said. "Now, if I leave this body you're gonna have to befriend him or else..."
"Or else what?" Alice said in a boring tone. The demon couldn't really think of anything. He opened his mouth and closed it again.
"Well, let's say her friends saw you and you were already out that body, if they say hi, the guy might also say hi.. if not, then he's mean, or just plain boastful." Alice explained. "I'll tell my friends that he's my friend's boyfriend and he happens to have broken up with my friend and I hate him for breaking my friend's heart."
"That's lying." Klaus sulked.
"Yes it is!" Seth smiled.
"Saves me." Alice sat down in one of the benches. Seth sat beside her. Klaus sat to her right as well.
"This won't save you, Alice." Klause started. "The only salvation that - "
"Geez, Klaus. Stop." Alice rolled her eyes. "This is why I hate being a watcher. I can actually hear you guys. Specially you Klaus... it's like homily all over again... with all the weird words and traditions... it's like a cult inside church... and all the people standing and kneeling at the same time humming scary stuff, it's freaky."
"All Catholic's traditions are not that necessary." Klaus sighed. "You only have to trust in God and follow his commandments. You don't have to kneel... or... whatever. I also feel strange about those things, but, it makes me happy... it's their way of appreciating God."
Alice only grunted and slouched.
The demon snickered. "Honestly, Alice, why have you become dull?"
"Because of you two." Alice closed her eyes for a bit. She didn't get any sleep last night. Her head wobbled a bit until she felt something hold it and gently push it to the left side. She realized that she was resting on Seth's shoulder.
"Because you follow half what I tell you, and half of what that weakling's telling you." He said in his husky voice. Even though that he is in a human's body, his voice didn't change, which is why Alice knew that he was Seth all along.
"If I follow what Klaus tells me, I'd be a saint. If I follow what you say, I'd be a murderer... both seem stupid." Alice lazily said.
"Wait a minute, Alice..." Klaus defended.
"Shut up, loser." Seth said in its most terrifying voice. "...let her sleep."

2 - Rankings

8 years have passed.
In the corner of the computer reads, 4:15am. A creature came out from under the floor. It has black bat-like wings and silver hair. Alice only looked, her eyes does not show any signs of shock. It was very usual for her, very usual, indeed. She went back to typing.
"Why are you still awake?" The demon asked. In the darkness of the room, his crimson eyes reflect a jet black haired girl, looking directly at him.
She only shrugged. The demon only stared.
"Just go back to your duties." Alice said dryly without looking at the demon.
The demon melted back down and out of sight.

The next morning, Alice went to school as always.
"You need sleep, Alice." The angel said, worried. Alice's eyes were baggy and weary. It hadn't only been that night that she didin't sleep.
"Klaus, You do realize that I will only be as tired when I sleep." Alice thought. She can communicate with Klaus and Seth by just thinking. She can let them read her mind when she pleases.
"Why are you not sleeping?" Seth, the demon, asked. "Insomia? or something?"
"Nightmmares." The angel rudely answered. They were both following Alice to her classroom.
"About what?!" The demon asked again.
"You would know if you stayed at night." Alice rolled her eyes. It seemed that every night, the demon has duties to hell that he needs to accomplish. He vanishes every night.
"Alice showed it to me." Klaus, the angel, said. "It was hell."
"Is that a metaphor... or..." Seth spun his finger around looking at the angel.
"No." Klaus said plainly. "It really was Hell."
"But she hasn't seen it." Seth shrugged.

"You tell me." Klaus replied all too quickly.
"Didn't do nothin." Seth flew a few feet high up the ceiling when Alice entered the classroom.
"She dreamt about Nephilim." The angel argued. The demon pursed his lips. "Why would she have a nightmare like that when you're the ruler of Nephilim."
"You didn't tell me this, Klaus." For the first time Alice looked alive. "What is Nephilim?!"
"It's a place in Hell, Alice." The angel hovered beside Alice. "I wasn't sure at first, but when I showed your nightmare to the others, they told me what it was."
"Ruler of Nephilim?" Alice looked at Klaus. He only nodded. He gave his most uninterested look at her.
"Yeah, not really as cool as it sounds." He laid up on the ceiling, but it was as if gravity was upside down. His clothes were all lying on the ceiling too.
"It's disgusting." The angel whispered.
"Now, that's going too far, weakling." The demon snapped.
"Why do you always call him weakling?" Alice thought again, not looking at the ceiling this time. "It seems that you're pretty confident."
"I may be the demon here, but I am telling the truth." Klaus made his hands his pillows.
The angel only rolled his eyes.
"So, being a ruler of Neph..something... makes you higher ranking than others?" Alice thought once more. "Are there rankings in hell... and in heaven?"
"Yeap yeap." The demon casually replied.
"In heaven...?" Alice looked to her right where Klaus is. "Aren't they all equal?"
"We are equal." Klaus answered. The demon gave his best laugh.
"god - jesus -angels...aren't they already rankings?" The demon argued. "What makes you think that angels would all be equal? With that bastard Michael, Raphael, and the other two archangels being worshipped by stupid humans more than you weaklings!"
"hmmm." Alice only sighed. The demon had a good argument.
"They... are not rankings." The angel said, confident.
Klaus laughed again. "Wow, it's cool here, huh? Such a nice time to sleep."
"Listen to the Lesson Alice." Klaus said knowing that the demons words were suggestions for Alice's behaviour.
"You shouldn't have come to school Alice." Klaus said, yawning. "Pretty boring place."
"I listened to you didn't I Klaus?" Alice reassured Klaus.
"Yes, you're here in school now." Klaus sat beside Alice. "Listen to your teacher. This will give you good grades for her quizzes."
"Yeah, well... I can always self study." Alice stretched out her arm, not too much to get any attention, then folded them and used them as a pillow as she rested her head on them. "This is the only time I get to sleep and not have nightmares... every morning."
"Alice, please." Klaus begged.
"Night night, sleepy head." Seth only smirked.
"Shut up Klaus, don't push it." Alice drifted to sleep.

"Oh look, look" Alice's classmate nudged her other classmate. "There she is again."
"Alice?" The other classmate looked. "Ah, drifting to her own world again eh?"
"Watch this." Her classmate called Alice. "Alice!"
Alice only looked to her right, where her classmate is.
"HOLY CRAP!" The other classmate said. "That was freaky?!!?"
"See?" Her classmate waved her hands at Alice. But Alice only sighed looked straight again.
"WHOA!" Her other classmate clapped her hands to her mouth. "OHMYGOSH, it was like she was looking at us, but not really... maybe through us? no.. it was more like.. uhmm..."
"Well, that's Alice, for ya." Her classmate laughed.



It seems that I have been here for years... and yet, I have not posted anything that's important.
From now on we will follow Alice's journey, from the first time she finds out that she has the ability to see her guardian angel, and of course, the opposite of a guardian - a demon, to the point where she has to make a choice, whether to take on the path that leads to evil or the path that leads to salvation.
-secondsight scribbles

1 - Angel and Demon

At the corner of the computer reads, 4:15am.
A creature came out from under the floor. It has black bat-like wings and crimson eyes. A girl only looked at the creature, her eyes does not show any signs of shock.
It was very usual for her, very usual, indeed. She went back to typing.
"Why are you still awake?" The demon asked.
She only shrugged. The demon only stared.
"Just go back to your duties." The girl said dryly without looking at the demon.
The demon melted back down and out of sight.
We are all aware of our legends and stories.One of them, is the story about having a guardian angel. An angel, destined to protect us no matter what. However, in every yin, there is yang, heaven and hell, night and day. If there are guardians who protect us... surely there are those who do the complete opposite.
It started 8 years ago.
It was the day when Alice was walking towards a particular house. It was rumoured that someone had comitted suicide that morning. She looked around but couldn't even see the gate of the house. All the other villagers were trying to find out what happened themselves. She was only 7 years old then, so she didn't bother anymore and left.

On her way back, a guy came out of nowhere. He literally came out from under the sidewalk, through the cement, in front of her. As if he was a hot steel against frozen butter.
"So, I was assigned to you, huh?"
HOLY CRAP HE CAME OUT OF NOWHERE! Alice touched the ground he came out from, rubbed it, punched through it - regretting doing so.

"What the hell this little girl doing?"

Alice looked up. She saw a man, dressed quiet too formal for one afternoon walk outside. Polo and tie... the whole sheebang. His jet black hair and silver eyes met hers. Alice stood up straight and reached out her hand to touch the mystery guy's body. Perhaps curious, on what his body was made of to be able to do the impossible.

"What the?!" The guy suddenly jumped up, revealing bat-like wings.His eyes became crimson red. He flew a few feet away from Alice.

Alice gasped. Staring up at the monster in the sky, she pointed at him and yelled. "OH wow, thaat was cool!"

The monster tilted his head. "You can see me?!"

Just then, a flash of light from the sky erupted. Too bright to see, Alice squinted her eyes. It revealed a glowing man with blonde hair and blue eyes.Unlike the monster, he had silver feathered wings. Alice had never seen anything so majestic.
"Yes, she can see us, demon." The Angel confronted the demon."At least, you cannot hide from her. I can."
"Quit your babbling." The demon spat. "They have sent an angel like you to protect her against me? HA!"

"For someone like you, Seth." The angel started. "I am enough."

"Oh ye- wha- where's the brat?" The demon flew a few feet higher and saw the girl, picking up some of the silver feathers the angel has been dropping.

"They're so pretty!!" As soon as Alice had enough, she threw them back into the air, and spun around with her arms spread wide across. The angel moved closer to Alice and gave her more of his feathers."I will protect her from you." He gave her a nice soft pat. "No matter what."

"Hey, brat." The demon landed and strode towards her. The angel stood up and blocked Alice. The girl only tilted her head, enough to see the demon."Why do you want to go into that house?"

"I heard my brothers talking about someone killing himself there." Alice innocently said."Such a sad thing."
"Yes, it is, isn't it?" The angel had added. "Life is precious and should never be ended by anyone or by themselves, they only belong to God."
"Blah blah..." The demon rolled his eyes. "It ended all his problems."
"Problems?" Alice asked the demon.
"Yeah, like when you can't get a candy out of a jar." The demon smiled. "If you kill yourself, you'll get loads of candies and end your problems - "
"ENOUGH!" The angel gave out a burst of light and wind altogether. The demon only gave its best laugh.

"Stupid." Alice frowned. She walked towards the demon, the angel only held her hands, but can never fight against her will. "Without your body that you killed yourself, you can never taste those candies. You should've asked nicely. Mom will give me whenever she can."
"Not everyone has mommies." Demon stepped closer to her.
"Brothers, sisters..aunts, cousins, friends..." Alice started going on and on. "...enemies."
The angel only smiled and hugged Alice. She reached for her pocket and took out a lollipop. "Here."She stretched out her hand to the demon. "Ask nicely, and I'll give you one."
"I told you demon." The angel stood up, facing the demon. "I am enough."

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